In what year was the first Ford Mustang Bullitt made?

Answer The first Ford Mustang Bullitt edition was made for the 2001-model year. The Bullitt edition was a tribute to the 1960s film "Bullitt," which featured the title character, played by Steve McQueen, ... Read More »

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How to Install Bullitt Pedals in a Mustang?

The Ford Mustang is a muscle car that has been in production since 1964. The Mustang has a tremendous aftermarket following with literally thousands of upgrades available. One popular and fairly si... Read More »

How to Install Bullitt Mustang Brake Pads?

There are three main indicators of when it is time to install new brake pads on your Bullitt Mustang. First, the lining on the pad has become thinner than the backing plate. Second, you can hear t... Read More »

How to Tune Up a 2001 Ford Mustang?

The Ford Mustang is one of America's oldest sports cars. A tune up on the 2001 Mustang is needed every 80,000 to 100,000 miles. Some of the key signs that your car needs a tuning is: slow start up,... Read More »

How to Fix the Window in a 2001 Ford Mustang?

The 2001 Ford Mustang uses a scissors type window regulator without a helper spring. The window motors can be individually replaced. The window regulator is secured to the door frame with the use o... Read More »