How fast do red wigglers reproduce?

Answer A red wiggler worm can reproduce at a rate of nearly 100 worms every three months. This high rate of reproduction has made them popular for worm composting, also known as vermicomposting. The worm'... Read More »

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How fast do compost worms reproduce?

Red wriggler compost earthworms lay one egg every seven days, and a single egg can hatch three or more worms. The hatchling earthworms mature to breeding age in about three months.Source:All About ... Read More »

How fast do zebra mussels reproduce?

Zebra mussels, originally found in Eastern Europe, have been infesting the lakes and rivers of America since they were first identified in 1988. Females begin reproducing at age 2 and produce 30,00... Read More »

How fast does your body reproduce sperm?

A healthy male who has already undergone puberty will release between 200 and 600 million sperm cells each time he ejaculates. The testes each produce about 85 million sperm per day, which equals ... Read More »

How to Care for Red Wigglers?

Red wigglers, also known as trout worms, manure worms or just red worms, are a common type of earthworm populating vermicomposting bins worldwide. These bins help you recycle household organic wast... Read More »