How fast do private jets fly?

Answer The G550 private jet travels at 675 miles per hour and carries eight passengers at any given time. The Cessna Citation X jet travels 700 miles per hour.Source:MSNCBC: The Fastest Private Jets

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What licenses are needed to clean private jets?

If you are cleaning jets as a business, then the only license needed is a business license. You may also need security clearance and permission from the airport where the jet is parked.References:P... Read More »

How fast do airline jets go?

Jets can travel at a variety of speeds. For example, a Boeing 737 jet can fly about 530 miles per hour, while the retired Concorde jet could fly as fast as 1,350 miles per hour.Source:Southwest: Ki... Read More »

How fast are air force jets?

Air force jets can range in speed from sub-sonic ( below the speed of sound ) to speeds of mach 2 ( twice the speed of sound ) some can even reach mach 3the average military fighter jets average sp... Read More »

In Avatar the Last Airbender Book Two episode 34 The City of Walls and Secrets during Zuko and Jets battle Zuko cuts Jets straw in half when doing that his fire is blue why is that?

Its not fire, it is just the swords going in slow motion. If you look ahead to when Zuko and Jet are fighting back to back you will see that both of them sometimes have those flashes, so it is also... Read More »