How fast do military jet planes go?

Answer The fastest military jet is the SR-71 Blackbird. The American military jet flies at a top speed of 2,275 mph. This is Mach 3.35, which is equivalent to 3 1/3 times the speed of sound. The fastest m... Read More »

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How fast do jet airline planes fly?

As of 2009, the fastest unmanned jet in the world is NASA's X-43A, which travels at Mach 9.6, or almost 10 times the speed of sound. The X-15 is the fastest manned jet at Mach 6.72. A commercial je... Read More »

Are navy planes military planes?

Yes but these military planes are flown by navy pilots or military pilots.

How fast do trains travel?

According to USA Today, rail trains in the United States typically run at 25 to 35 miles per hour, but they are capable of going up to 79 miles per hour. The fastest train in the world has been clo... Read More »

How to Fast Travel on Fallout 3?

This is a very simple guide on how to use the interesting fast travel option on Fallout traveling is an option on Fallout 3 to get around the huge world fast.