How fast do helicopter blades spin?

Answer Helicopters in general have a blade speed of 300 knots (about 300 mph) when hovering and when moving forward they have a blade speed of about 400 knots (460 mph). If a helicopter has two blades, th... Read More »

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How long do the blades of a helicopter have to be?

There is no "one size fits all' where helicopter blades are concerned. The blade, also called rotor, is like an aircraft wing. Its movement creates uneven air pressure around the craft for aerodyna... Read More »

How long are Apache helicopter blades?

The AH-64A Apache helicopter has a main rotor blade diameter of 146.3 meters, or 480 feet. The AH-64A is the first Apache model produced and entered into military service in 1984.References:AH-64A/... Read More »

How fast can a coast guard helicopter go?

Answer Most typical helicopters can only go about 150mph or maybe a little faster. Compound helicopters or the V-22 Tilt-Rotor can fly at over 200mph or even 300mph.The maximum airspeed of a helico... Read More »

How fast can a radio-controlled model helicopter fly?

A radio-controlled model helicopter can fly at up to 50 miles per hour when kept on a level path. Specially designed helicopters that are used for competitions can fly up to 100 miles per hour.Sour... Read More »