How fast do flowers roots grow?

Answer Depends on the type of flower and even at that different breeds of the same species can grow they're roots at different rates. Also taking into consideration additives that has been added to the pl... Read More »

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cover a Tree's Roots With Dirt to Plant Flowers?

Gardeners often look for any spot in their garden where they can add plants and flowers. When all of the prime spaces are filled, they have to seek out new areas. Some gardeners simply want to add ... Read More »

How to Color Your Fast Growing Gray Roots?

Pesky gray roots keep coming back. You think they are gone, but they grow like weeds, and two weeks later you're coloring your hair again. Be careful, however. You could damage your hair from dyein... Read More »

Why do roots grow down?

Do roots from plants always grow down?

In most cases yes.Although a few species of Orchids grow roots any which way and don't grow in soil.roots can sense gravity, take them into space and they grow every which way