How to Fly Airplanes?

Answer Flying an airplane is one of the most exciting and fun things that you can do in your life. The first time you learn to fly an airplane will and should take your breath away. Unlike driving a car, ... Read More »

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Can you use iPods on airplanes?

Passengers are not prohibited from bringing an iPod onto an airplane for security reasons. Most airlines, however, disallow the use of certain electronic devices, including iPods, that could interf... Read More »

Who put an end to smoking on airplanes?

Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat) of Illinois introduced legislation to ban smoking on domestic flights lasting two hours or less in 1987. According to Durbin, he had help from Congressmen Bill Young ... Read More »

What Does Adi Mean in Relation to Airplanes?

Anti-Detonant Injection, or ADI, is an injection of water or a methanol-water mixture into a jet engine during takeoff. This injection allows an optimal fuel mixture while cooling the engine, allow... Read More »

How do airplanes turn?

Most of us have seen a boat turn by using the rudder, so it's seems logical that an airplane would turn the same way. But a boat and an airplane are not the same.The Primary Flight ControlsAn airpl... Read More »