How fast do airbags deploy?

Answer According to the Automotive Occupant Restraints Council, a typical frontal airbag deploys in 30 to 55 milliseconds, while side airbags take even less time. To put this in perspective, it takes an a... Read More »

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Do both airbags ALWAYS deploy?

I don't know about other cars, but my Caravans have sensors in the seats, so, if there is no one in the passenger side seat, that airbag is disabled. I can only assume that this also applies to th... Read More »

When do airbags deploy?

In front-end vehicle collisions air bags are designed to deploy only when needed to prevent serious injury or death. Vehicles with airbags have crash sensors that relay pertinent information to the... Read More »

Is a car totalled when airbags deploy?

Often an impact violent enough to cause the airbags to deploy will cause enough damage to total the vehicle. However, if the car is repairable, new airbags can be fitted by the dealer or a qualifie... Read More »

At what speed do Dodge airbags deploy?

Speed is not a factor in airbag deployment, as airbag sensors measure deceleration rather than speed. Federal regulations require airbags to deploy in a barrier crash where the vehicle is traveling... Read More »