How fast can you mow with a disc mower?

Answer Disc mowers can go as fast as 20 mph. The size of the disc can vary, so how much lawn you can cut varies by disc size and other factors such as field shape and conditions.Source:Disc mower conditions

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Is it okay to use a mower that runs too fast?

thats up to you but if you look on the side of the carberator you see a screw with a spring around it thats the govenor that will set the speed of the motor you can lower or raise it running a mowe... Read More »

Mower choke swings from-open to close-on its own while holding the safety handle-bar "ON" as mower is running?

I guess you tried all the other stuff? Did the little spring come off ,get stretched out, or has something stuck in it? That will make it run the way you describe.Yeah, I know what you mean. Like... Read More »

How do I adjust a mower deck on a Murray riding lawn mower?

Raising the Mower DeckGrasp the lever located on the left-hand side of the driver. Pull the lever back to raise the mower housing to cut the grass higher.Lowering the Mower DeckTake hold of the lev... Read More »

My lawn mower makes a squealing sound when my mower deck?

Easy fix. Under the deck, where the blades are attached to the spindle. Look just above the blade. You'll find a grease point that needs to be greased once a month. It looks like this. http://akmsh... Read More »