How fast can you drive on the autobahn?

Answer Originally, the autobahn had no speed limit on any stretch of the roadway. However, the laws in one German city (Bremen) have included the first ever autobahn speed limit. The stretch of the roadwa... Read More »

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What is the Autobahn and where is it?

The Autobahn is an extensive freeway system located primarily in Germany. It is a high-speed road with controlled access and restricted use by motor vehicles.Speed LimitsSome speed limits exist on... Read More »

Who invented the autobahn?

It was during Hitler's regime in 1930's Germany that the autobahn was built. The autobahn was not an original idea, but was tailored after the Avus experimental highway in Berlin and Italy's 130-k... Read More »

When was the autobahn made?

The German Autobahn, known as Bundesautobahn, opened its first stretch between Düsseldorf and Opladen in 1929, followed by a route in 1932 between Cologne and Bonn. The Reichsautobahnen opened in ... Read More »

When was the autobahn built?

The first stretches of the autobahn, from Cologne to Bonn, were built in 1929 and opened in 1932. When Adolph Hitler became dictator of the Third Reich in 1933, he quickly seized on the autobahn an... Read More »