How fast can donkeys run?

Answer Donkeys can run up to 30 mph. Sure-footed, strong and even-tempered, donkeys do not require a lot of maintenance. Domestic donkeys should have their hooves trimmed on a regular schedule, about ever... Read More »

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How much do donkeys cost?

According to Equine Now, in 2010 a donkey costs between $75 and $4,500. This price is dependent upon a number of factors including breeder, confirmation, sex, color, personality and size. The Turni... Read More »

Can donkeys reproduce?

Donkeys reproduce with each other or with horses. Donkeys that reproduce with other donkeys produce donkeys. A male donkey that reproduces with a female horse produces a mule. A female donkey that ... Read More »

How are donkeys born?

Donkeys are born like every other mammal, via live birth from another donkey. However there are many varying types of donkeys, and they breed in several different sorts of ways.Before the BirthA j... Read More »

What do miniature donkeys eat?

The miniature donkey primarily eats grass and other natural fibers when it is out grazing during the spring, summer and fall. During this time and during winter months, a miniature donkey's diet s... Read More »