Do cows get rabies?

Answer Yes, cows can contract rabies, an acute brain infection that is usually fatal. The rabies virus is commonly transmitted through the bite of an infected animal but can also be transmitted through a ... Read More »

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Are cows colorblind?

Cows and bulls are not completely colorblind as they do have two types of cones in their eyes. Cattle and other mammals do see some colors and it is believed they see colors similarly to the way a ... Read More »

How do cows live?

in a life abundtant with grass and mooing

How to Calculate Hay Usage for Cows?

Properly calculating how much hay your cows will consume is an important step in keeping cattle. Every cow will eat a different amount of hay, and the exact amount will depend on what else you're f... Read More »

Do cows have fur or hair?

Cows have hair, which is referred to as fur. Cow fur is usually removed from the skin to produce hide or leather, according to The Cattle Pages: Cattle Facts. However, some companies use fur for ru... Read More »