How fast can an actuated ball valve close?

Answer A pneumatic actuated ball valve can close in as quickly as 1/2 to 1 second. This complete cycle, according to Gemini Valve, is described as a double-acting valve. A spring-return pneumatic valve yi... Read More »

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What Is a Floating Ball Valve?

A floating ball valve automates liquid levels in a tank. The ball valve closes when the liquid level rises and opens as the level drops. The higher the liquid level, the higher the ball, thus less ... Read More »

What is a locked open ball valve?

A locked open ball valve refers to a valve that has an external lock mechanism attached to the valve while in the open position. Using lockouts on ball valves reduces the chance of mistakenly closi... Read More »

Can a ball valve modulate flow?

All valves, by definition, are designed to regulate the flow of a liquid or gas. A ball valve regulates flow with an internal sphere with a hole in it. A user rotates the ball to control the amount... Read More »