How fast can a zebra run in mph?

Answer A zebra can run up to 40 miles an hour for short distances. These bursts of speed are fast enough to allow them to escape some of the predators that try to kill them.Source:Enchanted Learning: Zebra

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How fast can a zebra run?

Zebras are from the family Equidae and are members of the horse family, capable of running very fast. The San Diego Zoo website states that a zebra can run as quickly as 35 miles per hour; this spe... Read More »

How fast in mph can a zebra run?

The zebra, which hails from the grasslands from Northern Zimbabwe to the Sudan, relies heavily on its speed to evade its enemies. This animal can reach top speeds of 40 mph during short-burst inter... Read More »

How fast do zebra mussels reproduce?

Zebra mussels, originally found in Eastern Europe, have been infesting the lakes and rivers of America since they were first identified in 1988. Females begin reproducing at age 2 and produce 30,00... Read More »

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