How fast can a top fuel dragster go?

Answer According to the National Hot Rod Association, the top fuel dragsters can reach speeds of more than 335 miles per hour. The top fuel dragsters can accelerate faster than a fighter jet from a standi... Read More »

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How much horsepower does a top fuel dragster have?

The National Hot Rod Association says top fuel dragsters use nitromethane-powered engines that can generate up to 7,000 horsepower. Each of the eight cylinders of the engine generate 750 horsepower... Read More »

What is the speed record for a top fuel dragster?

Doug Kalitta's speed of 333.25 miles per hour (533 km per hour), which was recorded on November 9, 2003, is the record for a top fuel dragster. The fastest quarter-mile time for a top fuel dragster... Read More »

How is a CO2 dragster powered?

CO2 racers are a fun way for everyone from grade schoolers to graduate students to learn the principles of applied engineering. CO2 engineering is complex, but it all begins with a simple law of ph... Read More »

How to Ride Top Thrill Dragster?

Top Thrill DragsterHave you ever wanted to race for the sky on Cedar Points record shattering Top Thrill Dragster? The Roller coaster is 420 Feet, and goes at speeds of 120 MPH.