How fast can a race car go?

Answer According to NASCAR, the top speed record for a race car clocked on their race tracks is 212 mph in a 1987 Ford Thunderbird. However, race cars are capable of going faster. A Mustang Cobra Jet was ... Read More »

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How fast do NASCAR race cars go?

The speed of NASCAR race cars varies depending on the size and configuration of the track. In NASCAR, tracks range in size from 0.526 miles to 2.66 miles in length. At Talladega, the largest oval t... Read More »

What do you call it when a race car goes into the pit lane too fast?

When a race car enters pit lane too quickly it is called speeding. All tracks have speed limits and rules, as do the different racing circuits, such as NASCAR and Formula 1. Penalties for speeding ... Read More »

Which do you feel is more important in a race like The Amazing Race Asia – brains or brawn Why?

It's a combination of Brains, Brawn and a little bit of luck!! It helps to be brainy when you're trying to outsmart your competition but it's better to have brawn on the challenges. A combination o... Read More »

Why do race car drivers have to be in top shape to race?

Driving race cars is not as effortless as it may appear on television. Piloting a race car at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour requires physical training. Race car drivers have to be in top s... Read More »