How to Defrost chicken breast fast?

Answer no, nothing bad will happen. you will just need to drain the chicken before breading or adding seasoning.

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Is there any way I can safely thaw out chicken fast?

I would pre-cook it by par-boiling it. Just put a little water in a skillet (about halfway up the chicken) and bring to a boil, then simmer until unthawed and almost done. Pop it on the grill and i... Read More »

Which fast food restaurant has the best fried chicken?

KFC...of course...and the best coleslaw....yummy!

Curry Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken Or General Tso's Chicken Which would you prefer?

They are all pretty tasty! Add to that list Sesame Chicken.. a bit of a cross between sweet & sour and General Tso's chicken. I usually would go for the Curry Chicken because its can be made healt... Read More »

General Tso Chicken Jerk Chicken Or Curry Chicken Which do you like better?