How to Buy a Camel?

Answer Buying a camel is a big decision, and it's important to choose the right one.

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What is the name of a baby camel?

Referred to as a calf, baby camels are about 3 feet tall when born and walk alongside their mother just one day after birth. Other animals including cattle, elephants and dolphins share the name of... Read More »

What do you want to know about a baby camel?

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How to Do a Camel Clutch?

This move was performed by the Iron Sheik. This move is now very popular in wrestling today.

Questions about camel toe?

Lolz. I can't believe you are worried about camel toe when men really dig girls showing them off. It really turns them on. Esp if you are sexy. I personally love the bikini strings tightening aroun... Read More »