How fast are road bike tires?

Answer On One Hand: About 20 Percent FasterOn a dry street, road "slicks" are 20 percent more efficient than knobbly tires, according to Outside magazine's Gear Guy feature. This is due to reduced frictio... Read More »

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Can a CO2 inflater be used for road bike tires?

When used correctly, a CO2 inflator can you get you back on your road bike quicker than a traditional foot or mini pump. You'll need both an adapter and CO2 cartridges, which are small and easy to ... Read More »

Can I put road tires on a mountain bike?

The rim on a mountain bike wheel is wider than the rim for a road bike wheel. The tires for a road bike are too narrow for the bead, or edge of the tire, to hook into the rim when the tire is infla... Read More »

How to Put Cyclocross Tires on a Road Bike?

Road bikes are generally set up with slick-tread tires that require high air pressures and are suited only for use on pavement. Cyclocross tires are the same diameter as road bike tires, but use lo... Read More »

How long should road bike tires last?

Tony Yarusso, a mechanic with Erik's Bike Shop in Minneapolis, said the average lifespan of a road bike is 2,000 miles; however, rubber is a natural material that ages, and Yarusso said that withi... Read More »