How far will wireless internet reach?

Answer A basic Linksys wireless router by Cisco will reach a distance of up to 500 feet. The range depends on if you are in a clear range of sight from the router or not. If there are several rooms betwe... Read More »

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My MacBook Will Not Connect to Wireless Internet?

Getting a MacBook to connect to a wireless Internet signal is typically a pain-free process. Since the computer will automatically select the best available non-password wireless signal, often you ... Read More »

Will a tv antenna pick up wireless internet?

A TV antenna cannot pick up Wi-Fi signals--that is, not without modification. There is no way to connect the antenna to any kind of networking gear without customizing the connections. It can be ... Read More »

Will a router boost wireless Internet signals?

A router is necessary to take advantage of wireless Internet. However, just having a wireless router won't give you the fastest possible connection. To boost your wireless Internet signals, your co... Read More »

If I bought an external wireless card, will I get internet anywhere I go?

if you are at a public wifi hotspot then you can login and use the free internet access with a usb wireless adapter such as this one…if you want to get onl... Read More »