How far will termites travel for food?

Answer Individual termites will travel up to 330 feet from their colony or nest to search for food sources, according to Iowa State University. A single termite colony may cover up to half an acre in sear... Read More »

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How long can termites go without food?

Termites have a symbiotic relationship with protozoa in their digestive system which allows them to digest wood. Without this protozoan, termites will starve even if they eat and they will generall... Read More »

Will termites eat cypress?

Termites do eat cypress, but, according to studies conducted by the University of Florida, they greatly prefer the soft sapwood from young cypress trees over the dense heartwood of older specimens.... Read More »

What insect will eat termites?

Dragonflies eat termites; dragonflies in midflight prey on termites and other insects. Humpback flies also eat termites---these insects look like "regular" flies, but have a hump in their abdomen. ... Read More »

What will kill termites?

Termites eat along the grain inside timber, leaving a hollowed core. The Eastern Subterranean Termite can consume one foot of a two-inch by four-inch stud in four months. A larger colony will do ev... Read More »