How far will termites travel for food?

Answer Individual termites will travel up to 330 feet from their colony or nest to search for food sources, according to Iowa State University. A single termite colony may cover up to half an acre in sear... Read More »

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How long can termites go without food?

Termites have a symbiotic relationship with protozoa in their digestive system which allows them to digest wood. Without this protozoan, termites will starve even if they eat and they will generall... Read More »

How far do seals travel for food?

Adult seals may venture up 31 miles from their "haul-out sites" in search of fish, squids, crabs and other edible creatures. Groups of common seals select places, generally protected shores and bea... Read More »

What was the first food made for space travel?

The first food made for space travel was an assortment of cubed food, freeze-dried powders, and tubes filled with squeezable consumables, so unappetizing that flavors aren't even mentioned in the a... Read More »

How many meters of tubing does food travel through during the digestion process?

The digestive system of the average human, if it were stretched out into a straight line, would measure about 30 feet in length. Since there are just over 3 feet in a meter, this equals about 9.14 ... Read More »