How far will an ethernet cable go without losing its signal?

Answer The maximum length that you can run a Ethernet cable and not lose your signal is 100m, or just a bit over 300 feet. You will not lose its signal if you stay within that distance.Source:Speed Guide:... Read More »

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Which of the following cables carry the signal from a cable modem to a PC is it a RCA cable hdmi ethernet or coaxial?

How far can a signal be sent over a Cat6 ethernet cable?

According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, the maximum length of a Cat6 cable for a standard 1000Base-T gigabit ethernet signal is 100 meters, which corresponds to 328 feet. For lon... Read More »

Which thin ethernet cable is used for 10base-2 ethernet / 802.3 ethernet Thinnet?

Networking components compliant with the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.3 standard, also known as IEEE 802.3 or 10-base 2, rely on a small form of coaxial cable known as thi... Read More »

Can I pick up a Wifi signal with one computer, and send internet to another computer with an Ethernet cable?

Yes, just open Network Connections after connecting to the wireless connection. Highlight both the wireless connection and the Ethernet connection you want to "Bridge". Right-click and choose "br... Read More »