How far should you sit away from a 60 inch television?

Answer 7 to 15 feet

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What is the best 26 inch LCD television?

What is the best 32 inch television to buy?

Well, 32" screen is big enough to get in full hd resolution 1920x1080 (which is wonderful when watching Blu-ray movies). Another important thing is the type of the screen (LCD, LED or PLASMA). Pers... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Polaroid 37 Inch LCD Television?

There are a number of common problems that can ail a Polaroid LCD television. None of these problems require a special expertise to troubleshoot and solve, however, so the assistance of a professio... Read More »

Power consumption of 48 inch LCD television?

That depends on the manufacturer and model you bought. The dealer you bought it from will be happy to provide that information if you tell them the model you have. Also, that information is alwa... Read More »