How far should my 800Mhz scanner reach?

Answer A handheld scanner should be able to reliably pick-up signals up to about 15 miles or so, when using its built-in antenna. The solution for longer range reception would be a directional antenna on ... Read More »

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I want to get a scanner and scan my photos into my pc, which scanner should I get?

You don't need such a high scan on photos. 600 dpi will give you top quality. Get the HP G-4010 which is a legal size scanner and allowing you to scan many photos at once. That is what I use profes... Read More »

Can OptiPlex GX260 handle P4 2.8 800mhz processor?

The Dell OptiPlex GX260 cannot support any Pentium 4 processor that uses an 800MHz bus speed, because the highest bus speed that the GX260 motherboard supports is 533 MHz. The fastest processor ava... Read More »

How tall should a tv antenna tower be to reach 70 miles?

There is no specific height a TV antenna tower needs to be to reach 70 miles. If an antenna is designed to reach 70 miles, it can do so from the ground. An antenna tower is needed to get a line of ... Read More »

What "bottons" should i push to reach a human operator?

Generally it's 0. They don't always say it. Sometimes you can even ask for them. It all depends on the company.