How far should ceiling fan blades be from the ceiling?

Answer Install a ceiling fan with at least 12 inches of space between the top of the fan blades and the ceiling to insure proper air circulation. If space allows, the optimum amount of space is 18 inches.... Read More »

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How Many Blades Should a Ceiling Fan Have?

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How do I dust ceiling fan blades?

Step LadderUse a step stool or small stepladder to give you the added height needed to reach the blades safely. Attempting to balance on a piece of furniture is unsafe.Dusting RagUse microfiber clo... Read More »

How do I remove the blades to clean a ceiling fan?

Remove the light fixture bulbs and shades if the fan has a light fixture. Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws that attach the blade directly to the fan motor. Clean the blade and reinstall t... Read More »

How do i cover pink insulation when the basement ceiling is too low to install a drop ceiling?

It's a good idea to cover overhead insulation in a basement area, since pink insulation is actually fiberglass. This fiberglass can fall onto a workbench or into a laundry basket over time. Keeping... Read More »