How far should ceiling fan blades be from the ceiling?

Answer Install a ceiling fan with at least 12 inches of space between the top of the fan blades and the ceiling to insure proper air circulation. If space allows, the optimum amount of space is 18 inches.... Read More »

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How Many Blades Should a Ceiling Fan Have?

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Is it doable to put a layer of new ceiling over the existing damaged ceiling If yes, how should that be done?

Yes it is possible. I would use 3/8 inch drywall since this is only going to be a cosmetic repair. Locate the joists so you will have something solid to screw the sheets into. Be sure that the ... Read More »

How low should a ceiling fan be in a cathedral ceiling?

For rooms with cathedral ceilings, ceiling fans should be installed approximately 10 to 14 feet from the floor. This not only looks the best, but also allows for optimal cooling.Source:South Wind F... Read More »

How do I remove my super glued shoes from the ceiling without damaging either the ceiling paint or my shoes?

You're going to need to touch up your paint no matter what.If it's a painted wallboard ceiling, hopefully the paint will give way and come right off but it might also tear up the wallboard a little... Read More »