How far must you park from a no parking sign?

Answer Since parking regulations definitely vary by city and state, this distance is likely to differ considerably. However, in a populous area, such as Pasadena, CA, you are required to put at least 25 ... Read More »

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If I remove the "police parking only" sign, I can park there, right?

Sure. Hide it under your vehicle and they'll never know

If a handicap parking doesn't have a sign on a post, is it still handicap parking?

if its on the ground and no post its still the same thing

How to Park in a Parking Lot?

Have you ever tried to park in a parking lot and had to try a few times.

Can you park at a parking meter for more than 2 hours?

Parking regulations vary from city to city, and may vary within a city by the street or block. However, in most cases, you may not park at a standard two-hour parking meter for longer than two hour... Read More »