During a new moon, how much of the moon receives direct sunlight from the sun?

Answer The sun always shines on half of the moon, including during a new moon when, from Earth, the moon seems to have gone dark. During a new moon, the moon is between the sun and Earth, the moon's sun-... Read More »

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When NASA was communicating with astronauts on the Moon the time from sending to receiving was 1.28 s What is the distance to the Moon based on this?

The radio signals travel at the speed of light, approximately 300,000 km/sec (186,000 mi/sec). The distance would be 1.28 x 300,000 or about 384,000 kilometers.*The actual time is an estimate, and ... Read More »

How far is Earth's moon from the sun?

Astronomical distances of orbiting bodies are not constant, because they vary according to what phase of the orbit is occurring. On average, Earth is 92.95 million miles from the sun, and the moon ... Read More »

Can stars be seen from the moon?

Stars are viewable from the moon. In fact, it is easier to see stars from the moon. Unlike Earth, the moon has no atmosphere or clouds that block starlight, nor is there artificial lighting that re... Read More »

Can you see the great wall of china from the moon?

NASA says that the Great Wall of China is not visible from the moon, and the structure cannot be sighted from space with the "unaided eye," even in orbits near the Earth. Some radar images taken fr... Read More »