How to Celebrate a Shot in Basketball?

Answer A great shot is a thing to celebrate. Make sure you celebrate it right!

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How to Have a Good Basketball Shot?

Many kids watch basketball and want to shoot like the pros. This article will include a step by step guide on how to shoot like the pros.

How to Perform a Set Shot (in Basketball)?

In basketball, many people do not know how to perform a set-shot; but know how to perform a similar shot, the jump shot. Set-shots are just as important as jump-shots, and if you know how to perfor... Read More »

How to Block a Shot in Basketball?

Blocking a shot is one of the most exciting defensive plays in basketball. It can definitely affect an offensive player psychologically by intimidating them, giving them a sense of rejection, and d... Read More »

How to Do a Hook Shot in Basketball?

The jump hook. Notice that both feet are in line with each other.Doing a hook shot doesn't involve any significantly new kind of skill. If you can do free throws, you can do hook shots. The concept... Read More »