How far is the constellation cancer from earth?

Answer The constellation Cancer has been estimated to be 83 light years from earth, according to the University of Michigan. Cancer resembles a crab, and is one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.Source:Univer... Read More »

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Where is the constellation Cancer in the sky?

The faint constellation of Cancer the Crab exists in the sky to the east of Gemini the Twins and to the west of Leo the Lion. Cancer has the constellation of Lynx to its north and Canis Minor as we... Read More »

What are different names for the constellation Cancer?

In Ancient Greece, Ptolemy called the constellation Cancer Karkinos, while in Rome, Ovid called it Litoreus. In ancient Egypt, it was a sacred water-beetle called Scarabaeus, while in Coptic Egypt ... Read More »

Who discovered the constellation Cancer the crab?

The constellation Cancer is one of the Zodiacs--a band of constellations along the celestial equator. The Cancer constellation is visible to the naked eye, meaning early humans who cast their eyes ... Read More »

What stars make up the constellation Cancer?

The most noticeable star cluster in the constellation of Cancer, "the crab," is Praesepe, which forms the breast of the crab shape. Two other distinct stars are North and South Aselli, which form t... Read More »