How far is the Hoover Dam from Phoenix, AZ?

Answer Via road, the distance between the Hoover Dam on the Nevada/Arizona border and Phoenix, Arizona, is roughly 267 miles. The trip, which travels southeast through Kingman and Wickenburg, takes approx... Read More »

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How old is the Hoover Dam?

As of 2010, the Hoover Dam is 74 years old. The construction of Hoover Dam began on April 20, 1931. Originally, seven years were allotted to finish the dam. However, the dam was completed early. Th... Read More »

When did you last hoover under the bed?

I can't actually remember when, but I've definitely done it it, at least once! I buy a lot of carpets.

Can I drive my RV over the Hoover Dam?

Yes, RVs and motor homes are allowed to cross the Hoover Dam. As of 2001, inspection checkpoints were created and RVs and motor homes will always be inspected before crossing the dam. Alternate rou... Read More »

Who invented the hoover?

In 1907, Murray Spangler invented a vacuum cleaner using a fan, pillowcase, broomstick and soapbox in Canton, Ohio. The following year he sold the patent to W.H. Hoover, who created the Electric Su... Read More »