Is Los Angeles, California east or west of Las Vegas, Nevada?

Answer The city of Los Angeles, California is approximately 250 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada. If traveling by car, it should take about 4 hours to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.References:Las Vegas

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Is the Riverside the tallest hotel in Laughlin, Nevada?

Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort is the tallest hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, with its 30-story South Tower. It has 26 floors of hotel rooms and suites, and the remaining floors include a bowling alley... Read More »

What is the law of Las Vegas Nevada on how many dogs are allowed in a North Las Vegas community residence and what can the home owners association do about it?

Your governing documents -- including the Covenants, Conditions, Rules and Regulations, the By-Laws and any board meeting minutes or special resolutions in force for your community -- governing dog... Read More »

How many miles is it from Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas, Nevada?

Based on their map coordinates, the actual distance between the two Nevada cities is 334.9 mi. (555.0 km). The driving distance is somewhat longer: 448 mi. (721 km). Reno, founded in 1868, was name... Read More »

Earth Day Activities in Riverside, California?

Riverside California, one hour's drive east of Los Angeles, hosts a variety of Earth Day events in conjunction with the Earth Day network. These events provide opportunities for residents and visit... Read More »