How far is it from el paso, texas to ciudad juarez, mexico?

Answer El Paso, Texas is roughly 2 miles north of the border of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Taking city streets, the trip by car is only 5 minutes from the city center of El Paso to the Mexican border at Ciud... Read More »

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Where is the Mexico town of Ciudad Juarez located?

The city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, also known as just Juarez, is located near the Mexico/ United States border on the Rio Grande River. From the border crossing, Juarez is roughly five minutes sout... Read More »

How can you find a good dentist in Ciudad Acuna Mexico?

Dental care abroadIf you go abroad for dental care:-- Check with the appropriate government agency in the destination country about its national dentistry guidelines.-- Find out what recourse is av... Read More »

How do i dial to ciudad mexico from a house phone in california?

almost all of Mexico has area -code just like the you Dial 1 area-code and phone number...really easy!!

Do you need a United States passport for Juarez, Mexico?

As of March 2010, all visitors to Mexico must present either a valid passport or passport card regardless of the destination. As Juarez falls within the designated "border zone," visitors here do n... Read More »