The distance to mars is 7.5 x 1010 meters how long does it take for a radio signal from mars pathfinder to be received by nasa on earth?

Answer light travels at approximately 300,000,000 m/s, so to pass 7.5*1010 meters it would take: 7.5*1010/300,000,000=250 seconds = 4.167 minutes P.S. Mars is not that close, in real life the signal ta... Read More »

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Would a Mars bar from Mars be more tasty than one from the local shop?

Probably but the even the prices are rocketing. It's a case of shopping the Milky Way.

Similarities & Differences in Mars & Earth?

Earth and Mars are planets positioned next to each other in the solar system. Only Venus is closer to Earth. Although the same materials make up Earth and Mars, they are present in different amount... Read More »

The Composition of the Atmosphere on Mars Versus Earth?

Although they share a solar system, the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars are vastly different. While Earth's atmosphere has given rise to life forms, the atmosphere of Venus and Mars may help p... Read More »

Which planet is the largest: Mercury, Earth, Mars or Neptune?

Of the four planets Mercury, Earth, Mars and Neptune, Neptune is the largest, followed by Earth, Mars and then Mercury. Neptune is the third largest planet in the solar system; the largest is Jupit... Read More »