How far is it from Petra, Jordan to Baghdad, Iraq?

Answer If you could take the straight route from the ancient ruins of Petra, Jordan to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, you would travel 613 miles (that's 987 kilometers). The roadway mileage is a little har... Read More »

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How many miles is Taji, Iraq, from Baghdad, Iraq?

Taji is 11 miles northwest of Baghdad, according to MapQuest. Several military establishments are in the area, including the Al Taji military airfield and Al Taji Camp, both located outside the tow... Read More »

Where is baghdad, iraq?

Baghdad is located on the Tigris River, near the geographical center of Iraq. It is the capital city of the country, which was once known as Mesopotamia. Baghdad was formerly the cultural and comme... Read More »

What is the climate of baghdad, iraq?

According to the CIA World Factbook, Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq. Iraq is a Middle Eastern country that is located between Kuwait and Iran and borders the Persian Gulf.SeasonsThe website fo... Read More »

How far is it from baghdad, iraq to hawaii?

According to, the great circle distance between Baghdad, Iraq and Honolulu, Hawaii is about 8,405 miles; 13,527 kilometers or 7.304 nautical miles. This distance is the theoretical... Read More »