How far is Virginia from Washington D.C.?

Answer The distance between the state of Virginia and Washington D.C. is less than five miles. The two are only separated by the Potomac River, whose width varies depending on where you cross the river. I... Read More »

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Is President George Washington's birth certificate in Virginia?

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County in Virginia, south of Mount Vernon, on February 11, 1732. His birth certificate would therefore still be in the property of the same county in Vir... Read More »

Good restarants in washington dc, centerville clifton, reston or viennia, virginia?

I've been to a cute little bistro sort of place in DC. Food was good. In your price range. Nice atmosphere. I went for dinner and was very happy with the food and service - Here's the Read More »

Can a 17 year old in Virginia leave her home in Virginia to live with another family?

Yes! You can leave your family at any age but since your still young it is best if you stay with your family until you are old enough to get married == Answer ==You could file for emancipation.Ema... Read More »

How many minutes does it take a train to go from quantico virginia ti richmond virginia?