How to Get GED Transcripts From Kentucky?

Answer The General Education Degree is awarded by successfully passing a five-subject exam. It is an acceptable equivalent to a high school diploma. After successfully completing the GED exam, expect to r... Read More »

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How to Correct Birth Certificates From Kentucky?

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How To Transfer From One State Job to Another in Kentucky?

Working for the Commonwealth of Kentucky comes with both health care and retirement benefits. If you are already on the payroll for the state, transferring to a position with another state agency i... Read More »

How to Adopt Children From the Appalachians in Kentucky?

Towns in the Appalachian mountains tend to be remote, and there are many people there who fall below the poverty line. However, in Kentucky the process for adopting children from the Appalachians i... Read More »

Wage Garnishment From a Tax Return Laws in Kentucky?

The Kentucky government, like the federal government, imposes an income tax on money earned in the state. That means Kentucky residents must file income tax returns. In addition, certain non-reside... Read More »