I bought LG 47LM6200 LED Tv, (cinema, smart tv) do I need to buy home theater to get cinema affect, just this?

Answer The general consensus is that the sound is getting weaker as TVs are getting thinner and thinner, but I think we need to optimize your settings before making a decision. I have a lg tv from last ye... Read More »

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What other anime is like Black lagoon?

Cowboy Bebop , Hellsing , Gungrave , Madlax and Burst Angel .

August 29th Balloons?

I'm most definitely going to do it :D its a beautiful and special idea...and my two best friends who are also obsessed with mj are already away at uni... i'm all alone :(...and i'll be doing it so... Read More »

Sewage Lagoon Vs. Septic Field?

Choosing between a sewage lagoon or septic field (also called a lateral field or drain field) on-site sewage treatment system is based more on necessity than on preference. Government authorities t... Read More »

Where was the movie"The Blue Lagoon"filmed?

"The Blue Lagoon," filmed near Port Antonio, Jamaica, debuted in 1980 and starred actress Brooke Shields. The movie featured a natural lagoon known in Jamaica as the Blue Hole. After the movie's po... Read More »