How far is Fiji from India?

Answer Depends on the school

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Is FIJI Water really from Fiji?

FIJI Water comes from the Yaqara Valley on Viti Levu, the largest island in Fiji. The artesian water is naturally purified well water; it is mineral-enriched because it is filtered for hundreds of ... Read More »

I am in india ,Can you guide me that I should take VOIP service provider from india or USA (5 and 15 dollar)?

all I can tell you, if you choose an US VoIP provider, then you will need an US address. The address must match the credit card number! ( you could use family or friends) many ppl from India do it ... Read More »

Flight time from melbourne to fiji?

let it dry, then hope that you can still read it. :)

Why was Fiji suspended from the commonwealth nations association?

Because the military government which took power after a coup failed to meet demands by the Commonwealth of a return to civil government.