How far is 10,000 steps?

Answer Since the average person's stride length is 2.5 feet, 10,000 steps equal 25,000. Dividing by 5,280 feet per mile, one obtains an answer of about 4.75 miles. A person should try to walk an average o... Read More »

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How many miles is 10000 steps equal to?

A person's stride (length between steps) is a large factor in determining how many steps it will take to equal a mile. However, based on a two-foot stride, 10,000 steps is equal to 3.8 miles.Source... Read More »

How many calories will I burn if I walk 10000 steps?

Around 500 calories are burned by walking 10,000 steps, according to NHS Choices. The number of calories burned will vary with speed and other elements, such as your weight,. Walking 10,000 steps e... Read More »

How to Play 10000?

10000 (also known as Farkle or Zilch) is a fun family dice game with the aim to score 10000 or more points.

How long is 10000 sq ft?

Question not answerable. Sq. ft is a measure of area, not length.