How far into your pregnancy can you feel a difference in your stomach?

Answer Answer Hi,In your first pregnancy you usually notice hardening of your tummy, around 3-4 months. With your second pregnancy it can happen a earlier. With multiple pregnancies, it happens earlier s... Read More »

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How long into your pregnancy does your stomach get hard?

You will first be able to feel your uterus at around 15-16 weeks. Depending on your size now .. if you are thin or a little under weight it will take around 2 months. If you are average or a little... Read More »

How does your stomach have to feel in 1 month of pregnancy?

At one month of pregnancy, you stomach does not usually feel any different. For some people it starts to look different around 12 weeks pregnant, others not until 4 months pregnant, others never! T... Read More »

Does your stomach feel like it is bloated in early pregnancy?

Can you have stomach cramps 2 weeks into your pregnancy?

Answer No. Because the Embryo would not of implanted in the Uterus at this time. The day you have sex that results in a pregnancy, that one day you had sex is classed as two weeks pregnant.