When does morning sickness usually occur?

Answer Morning sickness usually begins between the 4th and 6th weeks of pregnancy and usually stops between the 12th and 16th weeks of pregnancy. Despite the name, it can occur any time of day. Morning si... Read More »

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Can morning sickness occur the day after or within a week of having unprotected sex?

The most common answer from medical professionals: No. "Morning Sickness" is nausea and vomiting related to a pregnancy and is thought to be most often caused by the extreme hormone variations that... Read More »

Are regular stomach cramps in the morning the same as morning sickness during pregnancy?

Answer Well usually, the cramps will feel like period cramps, but it will be in your uterus. If you feel nauseated or queasy, just sick to your stomach, that's morning sickness. Kinda feels like th... Read More »

How to Fight Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

Nausea during pregnancy, often referred to as morning sickness, is triggered by the hormonal and physical changes taking place in a woman's pregnant body. In spite of the name, morning sickness can... Read More »

What are the benefits of morning sickness during pregnancy?