How far from the door frame do you install the casing?

Answer Door casings should be placed between 3/16 of an inch and 1/4 of an inch away from the edge of the door frame. The space from the edge of the frame to the casing is known as the reveal.Source:Move.... Read More »

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How to Install Door Casing Trim?

The final trim installed on a newly hung door is the door moulding, called casing, which frames the door opening to cover the space between the jamb and the adjacent wall framing. Typically supplie... Read More »

How to Install a Double Door Frame?

French, garden and other double door styles provide impressive entrances and open spaces to the out of doors. Installing double doors requires similar techniques to installing single doors. Double ... Read More »

How to Install an Interior Door With a Frame Set?

Pre-hung doors are already attached to a casing (a wooden border), so all you have to do is set the whole unit in a door opening. It's not necessary to set the hinges yourself. Frame sets take that... Read More »

What Is a Door Casing?

Door casing is an architectural trim element installed around the perimeter of a door. This type of trim is most often found on residential doors, and cannot be used with the metal door frames for ... Read More »