How far from the central office does DSL work?

Answer A consumer must be located within 18,000 feet (3.4 miles) of the central office in order to receive DSL service. Other factors influencing maximum range from office for DSL service are the quality... Read More »

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Where is the Central Intelligence Agency office?

"Chuck" ran from 2007 through February 2012. The series is now over.

What type of telephone service do you use to connect a PBX to a central office?

If you have HighSpeed Internet, you could use an Asterisk PBX server or appliance. Or, a hosted PBX VoIP service like Packet8 Virtual Office.

If I download Microsoft Office 2010, will my Office 2007 files still work?

It will do absolutely nothing to the files you have created - they will work just fine in 2007 or 2010.When you install, you can either replace 2007 with 2010 or keep 2007 and install 2010 in addit... Read More »

Will the Office 2007 upgrade work for Office 2003?

The Office 2007 upgrade version will work for a legitimate installation of Office 2003. The upgrade is automatic as soon as you insert the program disk into your CD drive and enter the license key.... Read More »