How far from the central office does DSL work?

Answer A consumer must be located within 18,000 feet (3.4 miles) of the central office in order to receive DSL service. Other factors influencing maximum range from office for DSL service are the quality... Read More »

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Does a central air conditioner require gas to work?

A central air conditioner requires gas to work. The compressor in the outdoor central air conditioner unit turns the system's refrigerant into gas that is high pressured. This gas absorbs the heat ... Read More »

Where is the Central Intelligence Agency office?

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Does IP Office Manager work on Vista?

IP Office manager is not compatible with Windows Vista, nor is it compatible with 64-bit operating systems. This software will work with updated versions of Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server and Wi... Read More »

Does the HTC EVO 4G work with Microsoft Office?

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