How far from a wall should a furnace be?

Answer On One Hand: Stated ClearancesFor most instances, there are local codes in your area that will state the minimum clearance for walls that surround a furnace. According to the residential internatio... Read More »

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How to Light a Wall Furnace?

A wall furnace is designed to heat a smaller area than a full-sized furnace. They are frequently used to heat apartments or single rooms. The furnace is vented directly through a hole in the wall. ... Read More »

I have a magic-pak thru the wall furnace/AC unit and it won't kick on!?

Try shutting off power to the entire furnace, wait for 60 seconds, then turn it back on. You may have tripped the internal relay. Try to find the owner's manual and look at the trouble-shooting sec... Read More »

Can a furnace exhaust pipe be vented out a wall?

It is possible to vent a furnace through a wall, but most manufacturers prefer vertical venting through the roof. Venting through the roof often involves running the vent pipes through the living a... Read More »

How Do I Seal My Cold Air Returns to My Furnace in an Unfinished Wall?

Cold air returns serve two main purposes. When you are heating your house, they help carry cold air higher, which in turn draws the hot air down lower and allows it to heat the house more efficient... Read More »