How far does the pinus have to go in to the vagina to get pregnant?

Answer Doesn't even have to go in - only near

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Can she get pregnant if i ejaculated outside her vagina and after few minutes i entered my penis into her vagina?

Yes! If you ejaculate on her thigh or around her vagina her sperm will attempt to enter her vagina and travel up until it finds an egg. If you hadn't cleaned your penis thoroughly before you pene... Read More »

If your pregnant does your vagina burn?

No. Please see your oB-GYN or planned paernthood regarding this. It may or may not be a concern.

Is there a smell from your urine or vagina when you are pregnant?

Answer Not usually, but you are more prone to infection while pregnant so take a specimen of urine and have it tested.You have more vaginal discharge when pregnant but it should not smell so get it... Read More »

Is it ok to insert ice cubes into the vagina when you are pregnant?

Ew. Why would you want to do that anyways?