How far does a car have to stop before an intersection to park?

Answer Cars need to park 25 feet away from an intersection with a stop sign. If the intersection has traffic lights and turn lanes, it increases to 25 feet before the turn lane begins.

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G1 practice test help: You and another car stop at a non-stop/non-traffic light intersection at the same time.?

The answer is simple - if you see the car on your right then they have the right-of- way. (Note the term right-of-way). If you see them to your left then you are on their right. The right side refe... Read More »

When merging onto a freeway in california, is it illegal to stop your car at the intersection?

Freeway interchange on ramps are signed such that the vehicle entering the traffic flow must merge with the flow on the highway, this requires that the vehicle entering the traffic must adjust it's... Read More »

Didn't even come to a full stop yet and someone starts honking at me at a four way intersection.?

The thing is, most people are absolute ignorant jerks. I drive obeying the rules, and it is just amazing how impatient people are. When you drive the speed limit it is amusing to se every one swe... Read More »

What is the difference between an uncontrolled intersection and a blind intersection?

An uncontrolled intersection is one which has no light signals or road signs (such as stop signs) directing traffic or designating right-of-way. A blind intersection is one which has geometry that... Read More »