How far does Australia move each year?

Answer The plate that the continent of Australia is on moves about 6 cm each year. Different plates move at different speeds; the African plate for example, moves at a rate of about 25 cm per year.Source... Read More »

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Are we able to move to Australia My husband, dog and I are looking to move somewhere new from Ohio.?

Immigration to Australia is totally based on your education, work skills and work experience. they have a list of needed occupations and your occupation must be on that list. Start your research ... Read More »

I want to move to australia but...?

Nah you got to watch out for the drop bears though!!! Not worth the risk so don't move.... Please!!!!

Should I move to Australia?

J, Australia is in my opinion the ultimate place to live, but do you qualify to move over there?

How to move to Australia from the UK?

You wouldn't be able to move permanently to Australia as a Web Designer unless you have formal qualifications including at least a Bachelor degree. You would also need employer sponsorship by an el... Read More »