How far do you have to stick your hand in your throat for you to throw up?

Answer Okay, I just did it in hope of 10 points. It measured exactly 2.5 inches for me. I'm sick now.

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My throat has been burning like i have to throw up for a while now.. but i never seem to actuallu throw upp?

I agree - it is likely acid reflux, which is caused by consuming an excessive of acidic substances. Try to avoid soda, for instance, because this upsets the pH of your stomach. Some people are more... Read More »

Is getting glow stick goo on your hand bad?

no, it is not bad, unless you eat it. just wash it off with soap and water.

If you have pain from the top of your head to your eye ear jaw teeth and throat could this be a abscessed tooth or 5th nerve disease?

Answer You should not wait to make an apt. with your doctor. The doctor is the person that will provide you with the diagnosis and treatment you need. Answer A relative had these symptoms so bad th... Read More »

Is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?

No it's bollocks.And not a particularly appropriate thing to post on a Cancer forum