How far can electric cars travel?

Answer The range of an electric car vary by the type of car, terrain and driving habits of the person behind the wheel. A basic electric car, such as the Zap Xebra, has a range of only about 25 miles on a... Read More »

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How do electric cars run?

In the late 1800s, electricity was thought of as a viable alternative to gasoline, but the movement faded when battery technology couldn't keep up with demand. Strides made by modern technology in ... Read More »

Are electric cars really more efficient?

On One Hand: More Efficient than Cars Powered By GasolineElectric cars are considered to be more energy efficient than cars powered by internal combustion engines using gasoline as a fuel source. A... Read More »

What are hybrid electric cars?

Hybrid electric cars run on electricity or a combination of gasoline and electricity. The Earth-friendly vehicles are growing in popularity, due to the increased cost of gas and concern for the env... Read More »

How do you define electric cars?

Electric cars use an electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. Unlike most cars, including hybrid-electric cars, electric cars do not use gasoline.IdentificationElectric cars are di... Read More »