How far can electric cars travel?

Answer The range of an electric car vary by the type of car, terrain and driving habits of the person behind the wheel. A basic electric car, such as the Zap Xebra, has a range of only about 25 miles on a... Read More »

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How do electric cars run?

In the late 1800s, electricity was thought of as a viable alternative to gasoline, but the movement faded when battery technology couldn't keep up with demand. Strides made by modern technology in ... Read More »

How do you define electric cars?

Electric cars use an electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. Unlike most cars, including hybrid-electric cars, electric cars do not use gasoline.IdentificationElectric cars are di... Read More »

Are electric cars safe?

On One Hand: Electric Cars Contain High-Voltage BatteriesElectric cars are powered with high-voltage lithium ion batteries. This raises concern among some users about the potential of being shocked... Read More »

How far&how fast can electric cars go?

The speed and distance an electric car travels depends heavily on the design of the car. The distance also depends on driving habits, but as a rule of thumb, most electric cars get about 60 to 80 m... Read More »