How far can christians go.....sexually?

Answer The 'no sex before marriage' come from the word 'fornication' which is condemned numerous times throughout scripture. However the bible was not written in english, the greek work used when this was... Read More »

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What Do Christians Believe About Predestination?

Predestination is the belief that God predetermine the outcome of everything, including human lives. The understanding of predestination varies by denomination. Some teach that it only applies to s... Read More »

Should we pay tithes as christians?

On One Hand: Paying Tithes Brings BlessingsAccording to Midnight Ministries, a ministry dedicated to understanding the prophecy of Jesus Christ, Christians who pay tithes (giving 10 percent of your... Read More »

Why do christians go on pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a journey, usually in search of something or someone that is deeply meaningful or "sacred" to the pilgrim. There can be both secular and sacred pilgrimages. Christians go on sacred ... Read More »

How to Understand Christians?

Christianity is the most common religion in the US, with thousands of believers.If you aren't Christian, interacting with those who are can be difficult. However, understanding Christians and what ... Read More »